This wiki starts with a stock take of how most software has been developed to date, and compares the maturity of current practices for software development with the maturity of practices used in other industries. Subsequently a number of topics are covered which set the scene for introducing the concept of an automated software production facility, which turns out to be a key ingredient to fully mastering the outsourcing and offshoring game. The wiki closes with a roadmap that provides the reader with a template plan for the incremental industrialization of software production.

1: Introduction - v1.0
2: Core values that shape the future of software - v1.0
3. Lessons from other industries - work in progress
4: Software technology fashion parade - work in progress
5: To improve, there is no way around understanding your own business - work in progress
6: IT Standards - managing commodity products and services - v0.9
7: Managing strategic software assets & intellectual property - work in progress
8: The role of Open Source - work in progress
9: User driven innovation and mass customization - work in progress
10: Building highly automated software production facilities - work in progress
11: The outsourcing and offshoring game - work in progress
12: Roadmap towards industrialization - work in progress

Additional Resources

A. Conferences - updated regularly
B. Bibliography - to be done
C. Enabling Technologies - to be done
D. Case Studies - to be done

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