Jorn Bettin

Jorn Bettin is a co-founder of Sofismo in Switzerland and of SoftMetaWare in New Zealand, and publishes software industry analysis reports via IBRS in Australia. He has an international track record in guiding software organizations through difficult technology transitions/paradigm shifts. At Sofismo Jorn is leading the development of model-related software assets as part of long-term cooperations with software start-ups, fast growing companies in software intensive industries, and large financial institutions.

Jorn has pioneered model-driven product line approaches. He advised the Solution 6 Group (now Aderant) in the role of acting CTO, has worked in methodology leadership roles in an IBM product development lab, initiated the Eclipse Generative Modeling Technologies Open Source project, and - back in 1994/5 - led the development of LANSA RUOM (Rapid User Object Method), a widely used model driven CASE tool for the IBM iSeries platform.

He is co-author of “Model Driven Software Development : Technology, Engineering, and Management” as well as two other books that cover model driven techniques and complexity management. From 2002 to 2005 he organized a popular series of OOPSLA workshops on Best Practices for Model Driven Development.

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